Assessment interview phase

The interview phase of an assessment is the simplest to explain, but is probably the most time-consuming and difficult part of the whole assessment process.

This part of the assessment is concerned with gathering all the information needed to be able to reach preliminary conclusions and consists of:

  • Conducting the planned interviews
    • During the planning phase the length of interviews would have been considered. It is to be hoped that the plan was realistic about how many can be completed in a day. An average interview covering one Process Area might take up to 90 minutes, but it depends on the particular Process Area and the knowledge of the interviewee and how forthcoming they are.
    • Put the interviewee at their ease and explain the roles of the assessors (Lead and others).
    • Advise the interviewee that all information is kept confidential and nothing they say will be attributed to them (unless they give express permission to do so)
    • Talk through relevant artefacts and request any additional artefacts identified during the interview
    • View applications, such as defect management or reporting tools (if appropriate)
  • At the end of each interview, carrying out a preliminary analysis and scoring (scoring will be covered in detail later in this course)
    • This can lead to additional questions that can be asked of this same interviewee or others at a later time