Assessment reporting phase

The reporting phase begins with an preliminary feedback session, to interviewees or other stakeholders, to validate the initial findings and to ensure that there have not been any misunderstandings.

This also gives interviewees an opportunity to provide additional information or clarifications.

After agreement has been reached that the findings are correct, the results are made final.

The main activities in this phase are:

  • Perform the final analysis
  • Determine the scores and TMMi Level achieved
  • Formulate recommendations for follow-up activities
  • Create the preliminary report and / or presentation
  • Present the assessment results and recommendations

The assessment results report for a formal assessment must contain at least the following information:

  • The start and end dates of the assessment
  • A list of inputs gathered during the planning phase of the assessment
  • A justification of the scope of the assessment
  • A list of the objective evidence gathered during the data collection stage
  • The findings that were determined during interviews
  • Details of the assessment method used (assessment method name and version)
  • Formal assessments give the overall TMMi Level achieved (but not informal assessments)
  • Informal assessments should provide highlights of process strengths and weaknesses.

All assessment results must be made available to the assessment Sponsor or to the assessment Organiser.