Example of the TMMi structure

The diagram below illustrates the main structure of the TMMi Model but using Specific Goal 1 (Establish a Test Policy) of Process Area 2.1 (Test Policy and Strategy) as an example.

Maturity Level 2 has five Process Areas, including Process Area 2.1 – Test Policy and Strategy.

Process Area 2.1 in turn contains Specific and Generic Goals. For clarity we have only illustrated the three Specific Goals here.

Each Goal is supported by a number of Specific and Generic practices. Again we have omitted the Generic Practices to keep the diagram simple. Specific Goal 1 has three Specific Practices, SP 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3.

Specific Practice 1.1 – Define test goals – This says what needs to be achieved in simple terms. Under the Specific Practices in the model at the lowest level in the TMMi structure are the Sub-practices. There are four of them for the Specific Practice ‘Define Test Goals’. They provide examples of the sorts of activities that could be carried out in order to achieve the associated Specific Practice