Generic Goal 2

Generic Goal 2 is Institutionalise a Managed Process. What, precisely is a managed process?

A managed process accomplishes the work necessary to produce work products and has the following attributes:.

  • It is planned and executed in accordance with policy
  • It has skilled people
  • It has sufficient resources to produce controlled outputs
  • It involves relevant stakeholders
  • It is monitored, controlled and reviewed
  • It is evaluated for adherence to its process descriptions
  • It is instantiated by a project, group or organisational unit

The control provided by a managed process helps to ensure that the established process is retained during times of stress.

Generic Goal 2 Generic Practices

Under Generic Goal 2, there are 10 Generic Practices. Each Generic Practice has Process Area-specific elaborations (informative components) documented in the model definition.

  • GP 2.1 Establish an organisational policy
    • Are defined organisational expectations for the process visible to all?
  • GP 2.2 Plan the process
    • Is what is needed to plan and perform the process, achieve the established objectives and prepare a process description, determined and agreed with relevant stakeholders?
  • GP 2.3 Provide resources
    • Are resources available when required?
  • GP 2.4 Assign responsibilities
    • Is there clear ownership and accountability of all elements?
  • GP 2.5 Train people
    • Are the necessary skills acquired?
  • GP 2.6 Manage configuration
    • Are artefacts managed effectively and unambiguously?
  • GP 2.7 Identify and involve relevant stakeholders
    • Do all activities ensure identification and continuous involvement of all interested parties?
  • GP 2.8 Monitor and control the process
    • Are all activities adequately monitored and reported on. Is a process for controlling activities and deviations in place?
  • GP 2.9 Objectively evaluate adherence
    • Are the processes and procedures being adopted as required?
  • GP 2.10 Review status with higher level management
    • Is there appropriate and regular visibility of the efficiency and effectiveness of the process and components?

If you find it difficult to remember the Generic Goal 2 Generic Practices in order, try the mnemonic below:

  • E – Establish an organisational Policy
  • P – Plan process
  • P – Provide resources
  • A – Assign responsibilities
  • T – Train people
  • M – Manage configuration
  • I – ID and involve stakeholders
  • – Monitor and control
  • O – Objectively evaluate adherence
  • R – Review status with higher management

E PPAT MI MOR – (Eeee, pat me more?). It’s worth a try!