IDEAL Acting phase

The IDEAL Acting Phase is, unsurprisingly, all about action! In this phase defined action plan is run. Recommendations are made more specific and then implemented. The Acting Phase is the most effort-intensive in the IDEAL cycle. The phase consists of four stages

  • Create the solution
  • Pilot / test the solution
  • Refine the solution
  • Implement the solution

Create the solution

Solutions must be created to to address the identified problems. These need to satisfy the TMMi objectives but achieve the desired outcome for the organisation at the same time.

The solution may involve changes to or new:

  • processes
  • templates
  • tools
  • knowledge
  • skills and training.

The solution will normally be developed by an improvement team (or teams) that includes a TMMi expert. Each team must have clear goals.

Pilot / test the solution

Once a solution is created, it needs to be tried in one or more projects. The results of the trials are evaluated to ensure that the solutions achieves the specified objectives.

Refine the solution

Using the results of the pilot, the solution is optimised, if required.

Implement the solution

Once the solution is deemed workable, it can be be implemented. There are a number of approaches:

  • Big bang – all changes introduced in one go.
    • This is not normally recommended unless the scope of change is reasonably small
  • One project at a time – each project has the new change introduced at a set time over a period of weeks or months
  • Just in time – changes are implemented when the new process or template is needed in the project

The approach selected is based on factors such as:

  • The culture of the organisation (for example, the appetite for risk)
  • The type of change being introduced.
  • The type of project and product being developed.