IDEAL Diagnosing phase

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The Diagnosing Phase is when the organisation truly starts on the path of continuous software process improvement.

The Diagnosing Phase is composed of two distinct

  • Characterise the current and desired states
    • It sets out where the organisation currently stands (for example, from the results of a TMMi assessment – either formal or informal)
    • This will provide the measured baseline against which improvements (change) will be evaluated.
    • The aims of the improvement project (the desired state) must be clearly defined so it is made plain what is to be achieved. This could be, for example, the achievement of a particular TMMi Maturity Level.
      • The desired maturity level must align with the stimulus for change as defined during the initiation phase
      • The desired maturity level must be achievable by the organisation. There is little point setting a target and a time-scale that are practically impossible to achieve.
  • Develop recommendations
    • This includes agreeing the order in which improvements are developed and implemented
    • This should be agreed under the guidance of TMMi expert in the area of the processes which are to be the subject of change.