IDEAL Learning phase

The IDEAL Learning Phase completes the cycle The whole experience of using the IDEAL method is reviewed to determine:

  • What was achieved?
  • Were goals actually met?
  • How could changes be implemented more easily next time?

The Learning Phase consists of two 2 stages:

  • Analyse and validate
  • Propose future actions

Analyse and validate

This activity addresses the following questions:

  • How did the improvement program go?
  • What was accomplished?
  • Was there anything left unaccomplished?
  • Have the pre-defined goals been met, either fully or partially?
  • What worked well?
  • What could have been carried out more efficiently and effectively?

The information is collected, analysed, summarised and documented for future reference.

Propose future actions

Based on the output from the Analyse and Validate stage, recommendations may be formulated to improve future programs of improvement.

Information is passed on to higher management for their consideration.