Introduction to implementing TMMi

TMMi does not offer a standard approach to a change program in an organisation. There are many approaches available, such as Edward Deming’s ‘Plan – Do – Check – Act’ cycle.

CMMI, however, uses a model called IDEAL that has also proven to work well with TMMi and that is the method we cover in detail in this course. Organisations can use any model they wish to implement change.


IDEAL offers an extensive and practical reference standard to introduce changes. It shows what needs to be done when implementing TMMi improvements and is made up of 5 key phases:

  • Initiating – Establish the infrastructure for improvement to promote a a successful process
  • Diagnosing – Determine the organisation’s current state and what it wants to achieve
  • Establishing – Plan and specify how the chosen solution will be established
  • Acting – Execute the plan
  • Learning – Learn by experience and improve the skills needed to implement change

The high-level IDEAL model process is illustrated below: