Introduction to the evolutionary testing model

Gelperin and Hetzel Evolutionary Testing Model

The table below provides a summary of the Gelperin and Hetzel Evolutionary Testing Model.

Phase Description
Prevention-oriented phaseTesting is a completely defined and controlled processFocus is on preventing, not just finding defectsThere is a concentration on reviews, planning and test designNew testing practices are introduced
Evaluation-oriented phaseTesting is fully integrated with the software development life cycleTesting starts early in the projectTesting is enhanced to include reviewsTesting is expected to provide a view of the quality of the application
Destruction-oriented phaseDemonstration-oriented phaseTesting is separated from de-buggingThe purpose of testing is to ensure the software complies with requirementsTest planning and test design are introduced, but late in the projectTesting is an activity to find defects
Debugging-oriented phaseTesting is seen as de-buggingThe objective of testing is to ensure software runs with no major failures