Maturity Level 2 – Managed

An organisation achieving Maturity Level 2 demonstrates a managed test process that is clearly separated from debugging. Existing practices are retained from project to project.

There are 5 Process Areas in this Level.

  • PA 2.1 Test Policy and Strategy
    • For this Process Area the organisation should have an organisational test policy, which clearly defines the organisation’s test goals and strategic views
    • The organisational test strategy should explain how the actions necessary to fulfill the policy are to be implemented
  • PA 2.2 Test Planning
    • To address this Process Area the organisation must demonstrate that an approach to test planning has been defined
    • This approach should describe a risk-based approach, based on a risk assessment, in order to provide the best possible planning information for the decisions needed to be made concerning the test process
  • PA 2.3 Test Monitoring and Control
    • For this Process Area the organisation must demonstrate that the progress of testing and the quality of products are both monitored and controlled
    • Monitoring includes gathering the raw data, while control is using the processed data to inform decisions relating to managing the test process
  • PA 2.4 Test Design and Execution
    • The purpose of Test design and execution is to make certain that the test process uses the most appropriate test design techniques to ensure good capability during the test design and execution phases of the life cycle
  • PA 2.5 Test Environment
    • The practices expected in this Process Area ensure that test environments are appropriately designed, clearly documented, managed and controlled