Overview of Level 4

We will now look at the Specific Goals and Specific Practices in Maturity Level 4.

The three Process Areas in level 4 are in blue. There is a green box for each of the Process Areas that contain the Specific Goals which must be met to achieve the Process Area.

Achieving the goals of TMMi Levels 2 and 3 has the benefits of putting into place a technical, managerial, and staffing infrastructure capable of thorough testing and providing support for test process improvement.

With this infrastructure in place, testing can become a measured process to encourage further growth and accomplishment.

In TMMi Level 4 organisations, testing is a thoroughly defined, well-founded and measurable process. Testing is perceived as evaluation. It consists of all life cycle activities concerned with checking products and related work products. This includes constant measurement of product quality throughout the life cycle as well as implementing advanced reviews that inform other elements of the test life cycle.