PA 2.1 SG 3 – Establish test performance indicators

A set of goal-oriented test process performance indicators is established and deployed.


This Specific Goal is looking to ensure that the test goals are monitored when the test strategy is implemented at operational level.

The goals should have a specific set of performance indicators which would identify tangible and quantifiable measurements to be undertaken.

It also identifies the raw data items to be collected, stored, and how they would be analysed and the results presented.

Specific Practices

SP 3.1 Define test performance indicators

SP 3.2 Deploy test performance indicators

Deployment notes

  • Are test performance indicators and required test data items defined through analysis of (and traceable back to) the test policy and test goals?
  • Are any anomalies identified within the test goals and test policy clarified if required?
  • Are the test performance indicators reviewed with all stakeholders?
  • Is there a documented and fully understood procedure for data collection, storage, analysis and presentation?
  • Do they collect, analyse and interpret specified test performance indicator data?
  • Are the test performance indicators data and analysis results managed and stored adequately?
  • Are test performance indicators reported to all stakeholders as required?
  • Are the messages understood and used properly?