PA 2.2 SG 4 – Develop a test plan

A test plan is established and maintained as the basis for managing testing and communication to stakeholders.


In addition to including the risk assessment, features and items to be tested / not tested and test levels, the Specific Practices ensure the evolving test plan includes:

  • Creation of a test schedule – what is done when and what deliverables are required
  • Staff and resource levels – which resources are required when to undertake specified activities; any training required
  • Stakeholder reviews and checkpoints are documented to ensure adequate review of progress and quality levels.
  • The inclusion of project risks – does it identify any test specific risks to the success of the project?

These should all be documented as part of a test plan.

Additionally, documents may be based on templates in IEEE 829 (standard for test documentation) or a similar standard.

Specific Practices

SP 4.1 Establish the test schedule

SP 4.2 Plan for test staffing

SP 4.3 Plan stakeholder involvement

SP 4.4 Identify test project risks

SP 4.5 Establish the test plan

A test plan or test project plan should be produced which communicates to the project and stakeholders the planned activities and continues to communicate progress against plan once execution is taking place.

Deployment notes

  • Are test schedules (with resources), time-lines, task dependencies and assumptions established and maintained based on the test estimates?
  • Do they consider corrective actions if there is deviation from the plan?
  • Is there active consideration of skills and expertise levels required?
  • Are the requirements and means to obtain / train documented?
  • Do they define the required involvement of identified stakeholders throughout the life cycle (for example: Reporting, milestone meetings)?
  • Are test project risks associated with testing identified, analysed and documented and mitigating actions identified?
  • Are these planned to be managed?
  • Are all the deliverables from SG1 to SG4 compiled into a test plan?
  • Is there evidence that the test plan is maintained as a basis for managing test?