PA 2.2 SG 5 – Obtain commitment to the test plan

Commitments to the test plan are established and maintained.


It is not enough to simply document all elements within the test plan. Testing does not happen in isolation and it is necessary to ensure that all stakeholders have the opportunity to review, comment and influence what is planned by the test function. This is particularly important to ensure that the risks and test-related mitigating activities are understood and agreed beforehand and that the project commits necessary resources to allow all agreed, planned test activities to take place.

Specific Practices

SP 5.1 Review test plan

SP 5.2 Reconcile work and resource levels

SP 5.3 Obtain test plan commitments

Deployment notes

  • Is there clear evidence that the test plans and other products that impact test are reviewed by all stakeholders to agree test commitments?
  • Do all stakeholders have the opportunity to input?
  • Are the test plan schedules, milestones and resource requirements integrated with overall project plans and reconciled with available resources?
  • Is the test plan “normalised”?
  • Are all resource and other commitments agreed with all stakeholders responsible for performing and supporting test activities?
  • Does this include internal and external commitments (to the test function or to the organisational unit)?
  • Do all stakeholders and senior management review and agree the completed test plans?