PA 2.4 SG 2 – Perform test implementation

Undertake all tasks required to prepare for test execution.


This Specific Goal ensures that test procedures are developed and prioritised, including the intake test. Test data is created, and the test schedule is defined.

Specific Practices

SP 2.1 Develop and prioritise test procedures

test cases are documented in a set of procedures, prioritised based on risk, to satisfy differing test objectives. Part of this is grouping test cases together into logical sets. These could be to test business processes, end-to-end, regression test or a logical sequence to test system functionality (e.g. add an account, edit account details, close and retire an account).

SP 2.2 Create specific test data

SP 2.3 Specify intake test procedure

An activity is planned and defined to take place before each test level, and cycle in a test level, to ensure that all is correctly and fully in place as is required to commence test activities. This is called an intake test but may be known by other names such as smoke, skim or similar. This is closely aligned with SP2.3 of the ‘Test Environment’ Process Area and can be combined.

SP 2.4 Develop test execution schedule

Once test procedures are defined and prioritised, has a detailed test execution schedule been defined? This should identify the time period, test cases and procedures to be executed by which resource in which environment etc. It should also identify dependencies between test procedures.

Deployment notes

  • Are test procedures grouping test cases together, prioritised based on risk and reviewed with stakeholders?
  • Is test data created as required before test execution commences?
  • Is test data maintained to allow for restoration etc.?
  • Are intake procedures / check-lists (smoke test, sanity test) created to verify that the test environment (and software) is fit for test execution to commence?
  • Has this been reviewed with stakeholders and others?
  • Has a schedule for test procedure execution and time-lines been established and prioritised based on risk?