PA 2.4 SG 4 – Manage test incidents to closure

Manage all incidents within the defined work flow.


This Specific Goal looks to ensure that test incidents (including defects) are managed and resolved appropriately.

Specific Practices

SP4.1 Decide on test incidents in configuration control board

There is a structured defect record with categories and classifications defined and mandated. Is there a robust defect tracking work flow identified and followed to ensure that all defects are raised in consistent manner?

A responsible group of people actively analyse all test incidents raised.

SP 4.2 Perform appropriate action to fix the test incident

Appropriate activities concerning the fix, re-test (and regression test) are undertaken.

SP 4.3 Track the status of test incidents

It also looks to ensure that the status of defects are tracked and reported upon throughout their life cycle. Other attributes may also be tracked, such as severity. This is an important element of monitoring and control.

Deployment notes

  • Is there an adequate framework to involve all stakeholders in the management of incidents (a fault board or similar)?
  • Are incidents appropriately analysed, categories such as severity and priority reviewed, corrective actions agreed and assignment for correction undertaken?
  • Are fix, re-test, regression test and closure activities undertaken adequately and logs kept?
  • Is the incident record and any other related elements, documented with actions as they progress?
  • Is incident status reporting undertaken to all stakeholders appropriately?