PA 2.5 SG 2 – Perform test environment implementation

Test environments and data are built, tested and provided according to the requirements.


This Goal looks to ensure that the test environment requirements are implemented and the test environment is made available to be used during test execution.

Specific Practices

SP 2.1 Implement the test environment

This Specific Goal is looking to have demonstrated that the defined, analysed and agreed test environment and data requirements have been processed and that the test environments (including creation and provision of test data) is built and made available as required according to the test plans and for each identified test level

SP 2.2 Create generic test data

SP 2.3 Specify test environment intake test procedure

For each provision and re-provision of a test environment and test data, procedures to undertake an intake (or smoke or skim) test are defined and undertaken. As with other test activities, the results are documented.

SP 2.4 Perform test environment intake test

Deployment notes

  • Is there an established ownership to build and maintain the test environment and test data?
  • Is the test environment built and tested according the documented requirements?
  • Is supporting documentation available (for example, release notes)?
  • Are the test environment components adequately maintained and revised in view of issues?
  • Is test data developed as documented by testing and, if appropriate, is the test data managed according to standards and regulations?
  • Is test data archived to allow restore?
  • Are test environment intake procedures established and executed to ensure the test environment is fit for test execution to commence?