PA 2.5 SG 3 – Manage and control test environments

Test environments are managed and controlled to allow for uninterrupted test execution.


This Goal looks to see that test environments (and the associated data) are supported appropriately so that test execution may proceed as planned without unforeseen stoppages due to issues with the environments.

Specific Practices

SP 3.1 Perform systems management

It is not sufficient to ensure that test environments and test data are specified and provided in a robust way.

This Specific Goal is looking to have demonstrated that the project or organisation actively manages test environments and test data throughout the period they are required by the test function.

SP 3.2 Perform test data management

SP 3.3 Co-ordinate the availability and usage of the test environments

This includes a function that pro-actively and continuously plans and re-plans test environment and test data availability schedules based on the (often changing) needs of the project or organisation.

SP 3.4 Report and manage test environment incidents

It also looks to have demonstrated that test environment and test data specific faults are raised and managed in the same way as other defects.

Deployment notes

  • Are test environments and components supported adequately throughout test?
  • Technical support and logging facilities available?
  • Is test data managed and controlled appropriately?
  • Is a robust archive and restore facility available as required?
  • Is there adequate scheduling and coordination of requirements and availability of test environments and test data?
  • Is this reviewed periodically in light of change (requirements, time-lines etc..)?
  • Are test environment and test data issues or incidents managed within the same framework as other test incidents?
  • Are adequate resources available to assist in the analysis, fix and resolution of such incidents?