PA 3.1 SG 2 – Establish test functions for test specialists

Test functions, with accompanying job descriptions, are established and assigned to the test specialists.


This Goal is ensuring that test functions, with accompanying job descriptions are established and assigned to the test specialists.

Specific Practices

SP 2.1 Identify test functions

It is not enough simply to state you have a professional test organisation. In line with the wider human resources framework, this Specific Goal looks to have demonstrated that each professional test role has a defined function description.

SP 2.2 Develop Job descriptions

Including a full job description detailing the requirements of the role.

SP 2.3 Assign staff members to test functions

Further, have individual resources been allocated to these professional test roles and are they fully aware of the function and job description?


A test organisation has been set up to ensure that the objectives set out in the test policy are fulfilled. Part of this is that a fully functioning organisation exists which is solely responsible for driving and mandating process improvement.

The organisation will have a set of test functions such as:

  • Hold monthly test specialist meetings
  • Review and assess uptake of existing and new procedures
  • Review all lessons learned logs with a view to recommending process improvements
  • Quarterly review of test training packages
  • Review new training courses
  • Attend industry seminars and shows

Deployment notes

  • Have test roles in the organisation been defined with accompanying job descriptions?
  • Have a set of test functions / activities of the organisation been defined and agreed?
  • If so, have these functions been allocated to a person or persons in the organisation?