PA 3.1 SG 4 – Determine, plan and implement test process improvements

Strengths, weaknesses, and improvement opportunities for the organisation’s test process are identified.


This Goal is looking for the strengths, weaknesses, and improvement opportunities for the organisation’s test process being identified periodically and as needed. Process actions that address the improvements are planned and implemented

Specific Practices

SP 4.1 Assess the organisation’s test process

An important role of the professional test organisation is to own the organisational approach, processes, procedures, artefacts, templates and other elements. This Specific Goal is looking to have demonstrated that the test organisation actively and continuously assesses the test process elements within the organisation, identifies weaknesses and actively plans and manages implementation and measurement of effect of changes.

SP 4.2 Identify the organisation’s test process improvements

The organisation needs to demonstrate that they are actively looking to monitor and continuously improve the test activities to the benefit of the organisation as a whole.

SP 4.3 Plan test process improvements

SP 4.4 Implement test process improvements

Deployment notes

  • Is there a regular review of the test process undertaken by the test organisation?
  • Are test process improvement opportunities identified and reviewed with stakeholders and is the implementation of these improvements planned?
  • Is there a formal structure to capture operational lessons learned which feeds into the test organisation?
  • Does the test organisation identify process weaknesses, plan for change to improve the testing process and manage definition, implementation and monitoring of process improvement change?