PA 3.1 SG 5 – Deploy organisational test processes and incorporate lessons learned

The organisational standard test process and test process assets are deployed across the organisation and test-process-related experiences are incorporated into the organisational test process and test process assets.


This Specific Goal is looking to have demonstrated that the test organisation owns and manages the test processes and artefacts and continuously works with test functions at project level to ensure they remain fit for purpose, appropriate and usable.

Although a separate Goal, it is very much viewed in conjunction with Specific Goal 4 of this Process Area.

It is important that there is a cyclic program of:

  • Analyse Metrics
  • Review Data
  • Design or re-design processes and
  • Implement.

This demonstrates that process improvement activities are taking place using straightforward data that is at hand from everyday metrics, lessons learned and risk and issue logs.

Specific Practices

SP 5.1 Deploy standard test process and test assets

SP 5.2 Monitor implementation

SP 5.3 Incorporate lessons learned into organisational test processes

Deployment notes

  • Are the test process artefacts adequately controlled by the test organisations and made available to all stakeholders?
  • Is the use of test artefacts monitored on a regular basis for efficiency effectiveness and fitness for purpose?
  • Are test process weakness identified and processed routinely within testing activities?
  • Are lessons learned routinely captured?