PA 3.3 SG 2 – Integrate the test life cycle with the development models

The test life cycle is integrated with the development life cycle in terms of phasing, milestones, deliverables and activities. Early test involvement is ensured.


This Specific Goal is looking to ensure that the test life cycle is integrated with the development life cycle and that testing is not seen as a late add-on to the development process.

Specific Practices

SP 2.1 Establish integrated life cycle models

Descriptions of the Organisation-approved integrated test and development life cycle models are established and maintained.

SP 2.2 Review integrated life cycle models

The integrated life cycle models are reviewed with stakeholders to improve their understanding of the role of testing in the test and development life cycles.

SP 2.3 Obtain commitments on the role of testing within the integrated life cycle models

Deployment notes

  • Is the test life cycle (activities, time-lines deliverables) fully integrated with the overall life cycle?
  • Is the integrated test life cycle reviewed, agreed by all stakeholders and implemented in the overall life cycle?
  • Has the organisation agreed the integrated test and software development life cycles, resource and activity requirements and committed to providing the resources and funding to implement this integrated delivery life cycle?