PA 3.4 SG 2 – Establish a non-functional test approach

A test approach for non-functional testing, based on identified non-functional product risks, is established and agreed upon.


This Specific Goal looks to have demonstrated that the test function adequately defines an approach to undertake non-functional test activities based on the risk assessment.

This should be as part of the overall test life cycle and follow the same process and procedures for test planning (including the most appropriate time in the software development life cycle to undertake these tests), test environments and other elements of test planning.

Specific Practices

SP 2.1 Identify non-functional features to be tested

SP 2.2 Define the non-functional test approach

A non-functional test approach will identify a list of non-functional test types and indicate the approach that will be taken by the test team to:

  • Set up the test environments
  • Indicate the scope of testing
  • Create non-functional tests
  • Perform test execution

SP 2.3 Define non-functional exit criteria

Deployment notes

  • Is there a defined organisational approach to non-functional testing?
  • Based on the identified non-functional risks, are the non-functional features required to be tested identified and non-functional test plans produced?
  • Are required non-functional test activities defined to address the identified risks?
  • Are the quality / acceptance criteria for non-functional test established?