PA 3.4 SG 4 – Perform non-functional test implementation

Non-functional test procedures are developed and prioritised. Specific test data required for non-functional testing is created.


This Specific Goal ensures that test procedures are developed and prioritised, including intake tests. Test data is created, and the test schedule is defined. This is basically the same as for Specific Goal 2 for Process Area 2.4 (Test Design and Execution) but covering non-functional testing.

Specific Practices

SP 4.1 Develop and prioritise non-functional test procedures

SP 4.2 Create specific test data

This Specific Goal is looking to have demonstrated that the established procedures for defining and prioritising logical groups of test cases to demonstrate the non-functional features are created and prioritised.

Also to see that established processes and procedures are implemented, to ensure that all requirements for undertaking non-functional test activities are in place (test environments, tools, test data), and that these are validated.

The execution of non-functional tests is often a more complicated than functional test types. The non-functional test requirements will often require the system under test to be configured or set up in a certain way.

Deployment notes

  • Is the preparation for non functional test activities undertaken according to non-functional test process and procedures?
  • Are test procedures established and prioritised based on risk?
  • Are test environments, test data and test tools established?