PA 3.4 SG 5 – Perform non-functional test execution

Non-functional tests are executed in line with previously specified test procedures. Incidents are reported and test logs are written.


As with undertaking test execution in respect of testing items and features, the execution of non-functional test activities should be demonstrated as following the same processes and procedures.

Firstly, we look to ensure that the test activities validate their test environment, application build and other elements of preparation by executing an intake test.

If not successful, that test level, activity or cycle is suspended as it is not valid (normally) to execute tests against a deficient environment (as it will cause erroneous results to appear).

This is closely aligned with Specific Practice 2.4 of the Test Environment Process Area and can be combined.

We also look to demonstrate that tests are executed in accordance with the test plans and schedules, in the correct order, that test logs are maintained (providing the required level of information) and that any defects are raised in accordance with a defined procedure and work flow.

Part of this may also looks to demonstrate that test progress summary reporting is undertaken as the test level / cycle / activity progresses.

Specific Practices

SP 5.1 Execute non-functional test cases

SP 5.2 Report test incidents

SP 5.3 Write test log

Deployment notes

  • Are non-functional tests executed according to the non-functional test plan and standard test processes and procedures?
  • Are non-functional defects raised and processed as part of the standard process and procedures and together with other defects?
  • Are non-functional test execution activities monitored, controlled, recorded and reported in accordance with the test plan and standard processes and procedures?