PA 4.1 SG 2 – Provide test measurement results

Test measurement results that address identified information needs and objectives are provided.


This Specific Goal is looking to the organisation to demonstrate that it actually collects, analyses and communicates the data that was specified by SG1. In addition, the data and results should be stored in a protected location to prevent misuse.

Specific Practices

SP 2.1 Collect test measurement data

SP 2.2 Analyse test measurement data

SP 2.3 Communicate results

SP 2.4 Store data and results

Deployment notes

  • Is the test measurement data necessary for analysis obtained and checked for completeness and integrity?
  • Is the collected test measurement data analysed as planned and additional analysis conducted as necessary?
  • Are results of test measurement activities communicated to all relevant stakeholders in the format that is right for them?
  • Are results explained so there is no misunderstanding what the data means? There is a danger that different people will read the data in different ways.
  • Are the test measurement data, measurement specification and analysis results stored and managed securely?

Example Sub-practices and work products

Specific Practice 1.1 Establish test measurement objectives

Establish and maintain test measurement objectives that are derived from identified information needs and business objectives.

Typical work products –

  • Test measurement objectives
  • Information needs / test measurement objectives traceability matrix


  • Identify and select stakeholders that need to contribute to the identification of the information needs
  • Identify and document information needs and test measurement objectives using input from stakeholders and other sources
  • Prioritise information needs and test measurement objectives
  • Review and update test measurement objectives
  • Maintain traceability of the test measurement objectives to the identified information needs