PA 4.2 SG 2 – Actual progress toward achieving the project’s product quality goals is quantified and managed

The project is monitored to determine whether the project’s product quality goals will be satisfied, and to identify corrective action as appropriate.


This Specific Goal is looking to the organisation to demonstrate that The quality of the product itself, and other work products delivered by the project, are quantitatively measured throughout the life cycle based on the defined approach.

Examples of work products include the following:

  • Requirements documents
  • Design documents
  • Interface specifications
  • Prototypes
  • Code
  • Individual components

This Goal is also looking to see that product quality measurements are analysed and compared to the product’s quantitative goals.

Specific Practices

SP 2.1 Measure product quality quantitatively throughout the life cycle

SP 2.2 Analyse product quality measurements and compare them to the product’s quantitative goals

There may be interim product quality measurements that need to be analysed and compared to the project’s interim product quality goals on an event-driven and periodic basis.

Deployment notes

  • Is product quality quantitatively measured throughout the life cycle?
  • Are product quality measurements performed on work products in accordance with the selected (test) measurement techniques?
  • Are there any interim product quality goals and associated points in the life cycle where they need to be evaluated?