PA 4.3 SG 2 – Measure product quality early in the life cycle by means of peer reviews

Early in the life cycle product quality is measured against set criteria by means of peer reviews.


This Specific Goal is looking to the organisation to demonstrate that the peer reviews process is measured for its efficiency and effectiveness. Because of this there is more formality and reporting expected than for the Level 3 Process Area Peer Reviews.

Specific Practices

SP 2.1 Define peer review measurement guidelines

SP 2.2 Define peer review criteria based on product quality goals

SP 2.3 Measure work product quality using peer reviews

Deployment notes

  • Are guidelines to support the peer reviews as a measurement practice defined and documented?
  • Example work products that may be expected are:
    • Rules and review checklists
    • Sampling guidelines
    • Perspective-based reading procedures
  • Is the quality of the work products measured early in the life cycle using peer reviews?
  • Example work products that may be expected include:
    • Peer review logging forms (defects found)
    • Peer review action list
    • Peer review data
    • Peer review reports