PA 4.3 SG 3 – Adjust the test approach based on review results early in the life cycle

Based on results of peer reviews early in the life cycle, the test approach is adjusted as appropriate.


This Specific Goal is looking to the organisation to demonstrate that peer review results are examined to see if some areas of the product may demonstrate a higher or lower level of product risk – in particular relating to the likelihood of being defect-prone.

It is also looking to see if new product risks are identified using the peer review data. It may be that the list of items to be tested and not tested could be revisited as a result of a revised set of product risks.

Using the latest information on product quality to re-focus and tune testing supports a more effective and efficient test process.

Specific Practices

SP 3.1 Analyse peer review results

SP 3.2 Revise the product risks as appropriate

SP 3.3 Revise the test approach as appropriate

Deployment notes

  • Are outcomes of peer reviews compared against defined exit criteria and product risks?
  • Are relevant stakeholders informed of peer review measurements of product quality?
  • Are product risks re-categorised or re-grouped as a result of peer reviews?