PA 5.1 SG 2 – Prioritise and define actions to systematically eliminate common causes of defects

Actions are defined and prioritised to systematically address root and common causes of defects.

Specific Practices

SP 2.1 Propose solutions to eliminate common causes

SP 2.2 Define action proposals and submit improvement proposals

The purpose of this Goal is to ensure that once root causes of defects are identified, actions are proposed and taken to address them.

The type(s) of solutions that are most likely to address the common cause should be proposed and taken through an action proposal and implemented

Examples of types of solutions include improvement to the following:

  • Processes
  • Work product standards
  • Requirement rules
  • Architecture
  • Training
  • Recruiting
  • Coaching
  • Organisational structure
  • Communication and collaboration activities
  • Employee recognition
  • Review activities
  • Test strategy and / or test approach
  • Methods and techniques
  • Check-lists
  • Coding standards
  • Tools

Deployment notes

  • Are solutions proposed that could eliminate root causes of defects?
  • Are these solutions taken forward through action proposals and implemented?