Preparation for conducting the assessment

It is important for any assessment team to ensure that they are fully prepared before the assessment starts.

This is particularly important when planning an exercise which involves a significant amount of input from many people.

Delaying the assessment because the team is not ready could mean re-arranging a large number of interviews and possibly the overall delivery schedule.

The team (in particular the assessment Leader) needs to ensure that:

  • All assessment method documentation and tools are ready and available for the assessment team. This includes:
    • Assessment tools (spreadsheets, databases, templates or other tools)
    • Data capture storage facilities (paper and IT based)
    • A list of the artefacts to be reviewed pre-interview
    • Artefacts and other documentation are available for review.
  • The assessment Team resources are available and have been briefed.
    • Assemble the team and brief them on the nature and scope of the assessment, their roles and responsibilities and ensure they are introduced to the Organisational unit being assessed
  • The team have access to client sites as required.
  • Venues and locations are agreed and room bookings are confirmed.
  • Data backup procedures are in place:
    • During the assessment the team will be building up a large, irreplaceable repository of raw data. It is important to ensure that this is not lost accidentally, so backups should be made regularly.
  • Client Organiser contact details are available to all assessors and to interviewees
  • Travel and accommodation arrangements are in place:
    • Passports have sufficient time left
    • Visas are arranged or are still valid for the period of the assessment
    • Travel tickets / taxis arranged
    • Hotel or other accommodation booked