Process Area 2.2 – Test Planning


The purpose of the Test Planning Process Area is to:

  • define a test approach based on the identified risks and the defined test strategy, and
  • to establish and maintain well-founded plans for performing and managing the testing activities


The Process Area of Test Planning involves performing a product risk assessment on test objects and defining a differentiated test approach based on the risks identified.

It also involves developing estimates for the testing to be performed, establishing necessary commitments and defining and maintaining the plan to perform and manage the testing.

A test plan is required for each identified test level.

At Maturity Level 2, test plans are typically developed per test level.


Some points to consider when looking at this Process Area:

  • Is test planning performed as a separate stage from development?
  • Is product risk assessed in order to focus and prioritise testing activities?
  • Is testing managed as an individual process with specific plans, estimates and activities relating to it?