Process Area 2.3 – Test Monitoring and Control – SG 1 – Monitor test progress against plan

Actual progress and performance of testing is monitored against the test plan.


This Specific Goal is concerned with establishing that the organisation actively monitors actual progress and outcomes against that which is expected and If there is a deviation, to highlight this.

Monitoring progress activities should cover:

  • Test plans and estimates – what actually happened in time-scales to undertake activities? Did the activities happen on time or were they delayed? Were more resources needed or had estimates proved accurate?
  • Test environments, code deliveries and test data provided and supported as required in timely fashion. Often, testing delays are caused by late or poorly-provided test environments, code or data.
  • Resources provided as planned and agreed.
  • Were all stakeholders involved as required to undertake and review test progress?
  • Are regular progress and test milestone reviews undertaken according to the plan and needs of the project?

Specific Practices

SP 1.1 Monitor test planning parameters

SP 1.2 Monitor test environment resources provided and used

SP 1.3 Monitor test commitments

SP 1.4 Monitor test project risks

SP 1.5 Monitor stakeholder involvement

SP 1.6 Conduct test progress reviews

SP 1.7 Conduct test progress milestone reviews

Deployment notes

  • Does the organisation actively and continuously monitor the actual progress against tests planned / estimated in the test plan (For example, completion dates, effort, cost)?
  • Are test environment resources provided / used as planned?
  • Does the organisational unit monitor testing and other commitments against those identified in the test plan?
  • Are deviations from the plan identified?
  • Are test project risks regularly evaluated against those identified in the test plan?
  • Are stakeholders regularly involved in reviewing progress against plan, issues etc.?
  • Are periodic reviews of test progress, performance and issues undertaken (including accomplishments and progress of testing at selected test milestones)?