Process Area 2.4 – Test Design and Execution


The purpose of the Test Design and Execution Process Area is to improve test process capability during the test design and execution phases by:

  • Establishing test design specifications using test design techniques

  • Performing a structured test execution process and

  • Managing test incidents to closure.


The Test Design and Execution Process Area addresses the test preparation phase. It includes the application of test design techniques to derive and select test conditions and test cases.

It also addresses the creation of specific test data, the execution of the tests using documented test procedures and incident management.


Some points to consider when looking at this Process Area:

  • Are structured test activities carried past the test planning stage, demonstrating that the plan is being implemented in terms of:
    • Structured test scheduling
    • Test Design
    • Environment and Data planning and
    • Test Execution?
  • Is there evidence of the application of test design techniques?
  • Do the test design and test execution activities cover analysis of test data and test environment needs?
  • Is there a defined incident tracking process to manage the defect life cycle?