Process Area 2.5 – Test Environment


The purpose of the Test Environment Process area is to establish and maintain adequate environments, including test data, in which it is possible to execute tests in a manageable and repeatable way.


The Test Environment Process Area addresses all activities for:

  • Specifying test environment requirements
    Implementing the environment and
  • Managing and controlling it

Managing and controlling the Test Environment also includes aspects such as:

  • Configuration management and
  • Ensuring availability

The Test Environment Process Area covers both the physical test environment (e.g. hardware and software) and the test data within its scope.


Some points to consider when looking at this Process Area:

  • Are test environment requirements set in advance, allowing for the environment configuration to be agreed?
  • Are any exceptions or risks considered and mitigated where appropriate?
  • Does the environment remain under strict configuration control?
  • Are all configuration changes agreed, planned for and risk assessed?