Process Area 2.5 – Test Environment – SG 1 – Develop test environment requirements

Test environment requirements are analysed, specified and verified as achievable and appropriate.


This Specific Goal looks to endue that Stakeholder needs, expectations and constraints are collected and translated into test environment requirements.

Specific Practices

SP 1.1 Elicit test environment needs

The definition of test environments and test data is often a area of major problem in testing. This first Specific Goal looks to have clearly demonstrated that the test function, in conjunction with other members of the project team, clearly analyse and document their perceived test environment and data requirements for all test levels planned for the project, the constraints (cost etc.) that may be present and also with consideration of identified risks.

SP 1.2 Develop the test environment requirements

SP 1.3 Analyse the test environment requirements

Once documented, the requirements are collaboratively analysed and refined by appropriate members of the project team.

Deployment notes

  • Are the test basis, test plans and test resources engaged to identify all test environments, test components and test data needs? Are the needs and constraints documented?
  • Are the needs formally and adequately documented as requirements?
  • Are the test environment requirements fully analysed to ensure they will satisfy the test needs throughout the test life cycle?
  • Can the test environment be implemented at the required point?
  • Are the specified requirements adequate, in relation to the test objectives?
  • Are the test environment and test data requirements reviewed with all relevant stakeholders?

Example Sub-practices and work products

Specific Practice 1.1 – Elicit test environment needs

Elicit test environment, including generic test data, needs, expectations and constraints.

Typical work products –

  • Test environment needs


  • Study the test approach and test plan for test environment implications
  • Engage testing representatives for eliciting test environment needs, including generic test data, expectations and constraints
  • Document the test environment needs, including generic test data, expectations and constraints