Process Area 3.1 – Test Organisation


The purpose of the Test Organisation Process Area is to:

  • identify and organise a group of highly skilled people that is responsible for testing.
  • The group manages improvements to the test process and assets based on a thorough understanding of current strengths and weaknesses.


The Test Organisation Process Area defines the functioning (tasks, responsibility, reporting structure) and the position of a test group in the overall organisation.

Test roles, functions and career paths are defined to support the acceptance of testing as a professional discipline.

Test process improvement is a key activity and includes assessing the current test process, using lessons learned to identify possible test process improvements.


Some points to consider when looking at this Process Area:

  • Is there a formalised, independent and structured group of test specialists responsible for testing and test quality throughout the organisation?
  • Is testing regarded as a profession?
  • Is testing accepted as a professional discipline?
  • Does the test organisation define testing, tasks, responsibilities, reporting and structure of testing?
  • Does the test organisation manage test process improvement pro-actively?