Process Area 3.1 – Test Organisation – SG 1 – Establish a test organisation

A test organisation, which supports the testing practices in projects and the organisation, is defined and established.


This Specific Goal is looking to see that a test organisation, based upon business goals and policy and which supports the testing practices in projects, is defined and established and agreed upon by the stakeholders.

Specific Practices

SP 1.1 Define the test organisation

This Specific Practice is looking for evidence that the organisation acknowledges the importance of an independent, professional team undertaking test activities and managing the test process and associated artefacts as well as implementing good testing practices.

SP 1.2 Obtain commitments for the test organisation

It also looks to ensure that adequate support and funding is provided by senior management.

SP 1.3 Implement the test organisation

…and that there is a professional test organisation present in the organisation.

Deployment notes

  • Has an independent test group been formally agreed and mandated by senior management?
  • Does the test organisation have remit to perform in order to meet the goals and objectives laid out in the test policy?
  • Is there a commitment by the stakeholders to the test organisation, who have reviewed and agreed the purpose of the test organisation?
  • Has the test organisation been resourced and constituted within the organisation?

Example Sub-practices and work products

Specific Practice 1.3 – Implement the test organisation

The test organisation is implemented in the organisation, based on the committed test organisation definition.

Typical work products –

  • Status and results of implementing the test organisation


  • Track implementation progress and commitments
  • Identify, document, and track to closure issues in implementing the test organisation
  • Ensure that the results of implementing the test organisation satisfy the organisational goals and objectives