Process Area 3.4 – Non-functional Testing


The purpose of the Non-functional Testing Process Area is to:

  • Improve test process capability for non-functional testing during test planning, test design and execution by:
    • defining a test approach based on the identified non-functional product risks
    • establishing non-functional test specifications and
    • executing a structured test execution process focused on non-functional testing


The Non-functional Testing Process Area involves performing a non-functional product risk assessment and defining a test approach.

It also addresses test preparation to derive non-functional test conditions, test cases and the creation of specific test data.

Execution of the non-functional tests and test environment practices is also covered.


Some points to consider when looking at this Process Area:

  • Have the needs of stakeholders been successfully identified, captured and documented in to non-functional requirements?
  • Has an approach to non-functional testing been defined based on product risk?
  • Have non-functional test plans been developed based on product risk?
  • Is non-functional test specification, preparation and execution undertaken in accordance with internal standards?