Process Area 3.5 – Peer reviews


The purpose of the Peer Reviews Process Area is to:

  • Verify that work products meet their specified requirements
  • Remove defects from selected work products as early and as efficiently as possible
  • Gain a better understanding of the products being developed.


The Peer Reviews Process Area covers the practices for performing peer reviews on work products, by reviewing a requirements specification for testability.

It also includes the practices for establishing the peer review approach within a project.

Project reviews (otherwise known as management reviews) are outside the scope of this Process Area.


Some points to consider when looking at this Process Area:

  • Is there a defined approach to performing reviews?
  • Are reviews planned for all product items based on product risk?
  • Do projects actually carry out reviews according to the plan?
  • Are reviews checked for efficiency and effectiveness?
  • Are reviews carried out with a view to ensuring that the product meets its specified requirements?