Process Area 4.1 – Test Measurement – SG 1 – Align test measurement and analysis activities

Test measurement objectives and activities are aligned with identified information needs and objectives.


This Specific Goal is looking to the organisation demonstrating that it has a clearly defined analysis process. In other words, what raw data are you expecting to come in, how is it consolidated and how are the key performance indicators produced and distributed?

Specific Practices

SP 1.1 Establish test measurement objectives

SP 1.2 Specify test measures

SP 1.3 Specify data collection and storage procedures

SP 1.4 Specify analysis procedures

The ideal is that the procedures are written in sufficient detail so an outside person could come in and run it

Deployment notes

  • Who is collecting data
  • How is it collected
  • How is it stored?

Example Sub-practices and work products

Specific Practice 1.1 Establish test measurement objectives

Establish and maintain test measurement objectives that are derived from identified information needs and business objectives.

Typical work products –

  • Test measurement objectives
  • Information needs / test measurement objectives traceability matrix


  • Identify and select stakeholders that need to contribute to the identification of the information needs
  • Identify and document information needs and test measurement objectives using input from stakeholders and other sources
  • Prioritise information needs and test measurement objectives
  • Review and update test measurement objectives
  • Maintain traceability of the test measurement objectives to the identified information needs