Process Area 4.3 – Advanced Reviews


The purpose of the Advanced Reviews Process Area is to:

  • Build on the practices of the TMMi Level 3 Process Area Peer Reviews
  • Measure product quality early in the life cycle and
  • Enhance the test strategy and test approach by aligning peer reviews (static testing) with dynamic testing.


The Advanced Reviews Process Area builds on the practices of the TMMi Level 3 Process Area ‘Peer Reviews’.

It covers the practices for establishing a coordinated test approach between peer reviews and dynamic testing and the use of peer review results and data to optimise the test approach.

At TMMi Maturity Level 4, peer reviews are fully integrated with the dynamic testing process, for example, being part of the test strategy, test plan and test approach.

The Advance Reviews Process Area also covers the practices that facilitate the shift from peer reviews as a defect detection technique to a product quality measurement technique in line with the Process Area Product Quality Evaluation. These practices include document sampling, definition of rules, strict exit criteria and perspective-based reading.


Some points to consider when looking at this Process Area:

  • Is the reviews approach integrated into dynamic test elements of the software development life cycle (SDLC)?
  • Is data from reviews used to measure product quality early in the SDLC?
  • Is data from reviews used to inform dynamic test activities?