Process Area 5.2 – Quality Control


The purpose of the Quality Control Process Area is to statistically manage and control the test process. Testing performance is predictable and within limits. Testing at a project level is performed using statistical methods based on representative samples in order to predict product quality and make testing more efficient.


The Process Area Quality Control addresses the practices for:

  • Establishing a statistically controlled test process (process quality control) and testing based on statistical methods and techniques (product quality control).
  • Process quality control builds on the deployed measurement practices from the Test Measurement Process Area at TMMi level 4.
  • Product quality control builds on the deployed practices from the Product Quality Evaluation Process Area at TMMi Level 4.
  • Both types of quality control make use of available measurement data regarding the test process and product quality from the TMMi level 4 Process Areas.


Some points to consider when looking at this Process Area:

  • Is there is a statistically controlled test process in place and working?
  • Is testing performed using statistical methods?