Process Area 5.3 – Test Process Optimisation


The purpose of the Test Process Optimisation Process Area is to continuously improve the existing testing processes used in the organisation and to identify appropriate new test tools or test methods that may be transitioned into the organisation.

Test process improvement also supports the re-use of test assets across the organisation.


The Process Area Test Process Optimisation addresses the practices for:

  • Continuously identifying test process improvements
  • Evaluating and selecting new testing technologies
  • Deploying them in the organisation’s standard test process
  • Re-use of high quality test assets across the organisation.

This Process Area complements and extends the processes and practices defined by the Test Organisation and Test Life Cycle and Integration Process Areas at TMMi Level 3.


Some points to consider when looking at this Process Area:

  • Do improvements support the organisation’s quality and process performance objectives as derived from the organisation’s business objectives?
  • How are test process improvements selected?
  • Are new testing technologies evaluated and impact-assessed?
  • Are Improvements deployed across the organisation?
  • Is there a documented and utilised approach for the re-use of test assets?