Process Area 5.3 – Test Process Optimisation – SG 1 – Select test process improvements

Test process improvements are selected which contribute to meeting product quality and test process performance objectives.


The purpose of Test Process Optimisation is to continuously improve the existing testing processes used in the Organisation and to identify new testing technologies (e.g., test tools or test methods) that may be appropriate and to transition them into the Organisation in an orderly manner.

Test Process Optimisation also supports the re-use of test assets across the Organisation. The improvements support the Organisation’s product quality and test process performance objectives as derived from the Organisation’s business objectives.

But more formal than that at Level 3, it has to be a more planned, defined and managed process. The process improvements must be selected that will make the best benefit to the organisation as a whole.

Specific Practices

SP 1.1 Collect and Analyse test process improvement proposals

SP 1.2 Pilot test process improvement proposals

SP 1.3 Select test process improvement proposals for deployment

Deployment notes

  • Are test process improvements collected from a wide section of the organisation?
  • Is there a documented process in place to deal with piloting process improvement proposals?