Reporting achievement back to the TMMi Foundation

Once the assessment report has been delivered, the assessment team leader has to close the assessment.

The first task is to securely archive all the data that emanated from the assessment, and to delete the data that is no longer required.

The second task is to complete the data submission requirements as outlined by the TMMi Foundation.

The Foundation require that assessment and assessor information is reported. In summary, the information takes two forms

  • Assessment data and
  • Assessor data (Lead Assessor, Assessor and Trainee Assessor logs).

The assessment data is required for two reasons:

  • To provide the Foundation with statistical and administrative data on the number of assessments conducted and
  • Data on the conduct of assessments and the results.

This will be used to monitor the usage of the model and for governance and audit purposes. It will also provide the Foundation with sufficient data to analyse, summarise and periodically make available (for a fee) industry research and other informative services.

Data Submission Requirements (DSR)

The DSR provides specific requirements for the submission of assessment results data to the TMMi Foundation

At the end of an assessment (formal or informal) a DSR should be completed and submitted to the Foundation. The information submitted is a high-level version of the assessment results and a summary of assessor activity and effort on the assessment.

A supporting document will normally be required to be submitted alongside the DSR to provide additional information about the assessment such as:

  • The number of interviews conducted
  • The number of artefacts reviewed
  • The number of projects assessed
  • The organisation’s background

A limited version of the report sent to the Sponsor will normally suffice. Some of the information is now collected in the latest version of the DSR form itself.

Assessment and Assessor data

The TMMi Foundation use assessment data to analyse market trends and levels of testing maturity in various industry sectors.

It is also an important part of the Foundation’s role to make sure that the reference model remains in line with industry requirements

Using the data submitted, the Foundation will:

  • Ensure consistency and completeness of assessments
  • Perform market research
  • Verify formal assessment ratings
  • Record and verify assessor hours
  • Maintain a check on assessor ratings
    • Assessor reporting criteria is set out in the DSR.
    • Each assessor is responsible for maintaining their own logs which must be sent to the TMMi Foundation when requesting (re-)accreditation.
    • This is necessary to demonstrate to the Foundation not only that Assessors acquire the required skills, experience and training necessary to be accredited, but that they maintain these skills.

By complying with the TAMAR and DSR the assessment method will be in line with ISO 15504 SPICE (Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination).

Assessor data submission requirements

Included in the DSR (which currently takes the form of an Excel spreadsheet) is the following information:

  • Assessment team leader details
  • Assessment team details
  • Activity log
  • Assessor supervision details
  • Assessor performance rating

Each assessor has the responsibility for maintaining their own ‘flight logs’. This is required to demonstrate that they have sufficient experience and to maintain their accreditation through actively taking part in formal and / or informal assessments.

The team Lead (normally a Lead Assessor) has the responsibility for reporting on assessors and trainee assessors as well as ensuring that the assessment team details and effort is accurately recorded and forwarded to the TMMi Foundation. The TMMi Foundation requires this data to maintain complete and up to date records on all assessor resources accredited with the Foundation.