Risks of not considering the critical success factors

Unless the critical success factors are addressed, the following risks will become more likely to arise and their impact will be greater:

  • Lack of commitment from senior management, only paying lip-service to the initiative
  • Staff becoming disillusioned as a result of slow progress, an incomplete solution or not feeling valued
  • Improvements only being part-accomplished with the remainder abandoned so there is no completed work
  • Wrong improvements being worked on, so not meeting the pre-defined organisational goal
  • Staff are taken off to perform other tasks because improvement activities may not be seen as productive or of sufficient value
  • Supporting processes are not coherent or consistent, so the effort devoted to improvement work is make-shift and sporadic
  • Few (or even no) improvements are started
  • The quality of deliverables (applications and products) is negatively impacted
  • Improvement deliverables are delayed