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Well-performing organisations have well-performing software. Put simply, effective design, development, deployment and monitoring of software applications - whether developed internally, bought externally or outsourced - are essential for any successful organisation to remain competitive.

At Experimentus, our consulting solutions optimise your software quality processes, helping you to manage, control, and measure new and existing applications.

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  • Understand the maturity of their software processes using TMMi, CMM & ITIL
  • Understand the true cost of poor software quality
  • Reduce software development lifecycle costs
  • Prevent software defects rather than detecting them
  • Make informed decisions over which product tool to implement
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New Insight Guide - Prevention is the cure: how to identify silent failure in software quality. Read The Silent Assassin.

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Congratulations to Sheng Xu, Director, TCoE Lead and his team from Hewlett Packard...
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Congratulations to British Car Auctions for achieving TMMi Level 2
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The Best Selling Testing Book on Amazon
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